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About Us What & who makes us tick!

How It All Began

In 2007, Super Junker Bernird had a vision to integrate all tasks carried in a Junkyard into one application.

That is when they met Wilbert Almodovar from WAG ISS LLC (WAG Services at the moment), and ask him to create an unique application that will take care of all their office needs.

In 3 months the first phase of this software was developed. A simple web application, based on ColdFusion, that handled Invoicing and Inventory. Then, it kept growing, adding more features and modules, and finally converting the whole code to .Net Framework. Now this is a Web-Based application that any Junkyard accross the world can take advantage of.

Why you'll love it

This information system allows the junker management to be organized, effective, faster and accurate.

Organized - Keep track of inventory, invoicing and customer information in one system. Every invoice is tied to a customer and the parts are tied to a vehicle.

Effective - While you are able to answer your customer needs right in the call or in person, sometimes unavailable parts can be sold later. Keeping track of your customer needs with Jumasys allows you to recover that customer which needs were not satisfied because the parts were not available at the moment but new stock has been received. This system allows you to retrieve this list of potential sales even before new stock is purchased.

Faster - Having an inventory system allows your customer service representative to give faster answers, and answer more calls. The more calls you receive and answer, the more potential sales.

Accurate - When a customer is told that a part is available, they will make arrangements to obtain the parts. If it turns out the part was not really available, you risk loosing a sale or even worst, a customer. Having a vehicle-parts inventory allows you to have a more accurate inventory. Every sold part appears in the vehicle profile. Together with detailed pictures of the vehicle gives you the most accurate inventory available.

In summary, this system will not only make your and your employees job easier, but will also allow you to have more sales, which in turn leads to more income.

This system is fully online, which allows you to access your salvage yard information virtually anywhere. It is running on a Windows Server and SQL Server Database. Very reliable and scalable information systems. All data is backed up daily and the sever is up to date. Server uptime is 99.9% and most of the maintenance is performed on weekends. This system is constantly updated. There is no installation, special hardware or computer knowledge required to run and use this system. All you need is an Internet connection and an electronic device capable of browsing the web.

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